TwitterBot + Control Panel for your Marketing Team

For non-technical marketeers to BOOM their twitter audience without touching any code

Boost your Twitter Audienceby up to 500 Followers per Month

Auto Follow Users tweeting specific Keywords

Twitterbot will follow users tweeting your keywords: it could be #your industry or an #event happening today

Auto Follow Competitors’ or Partners’ Followers

Adapt your competitors, partners, event-related twitter accounts,… and the bot will follow their followers.

Auto Follow Specific Users

Upload lists of very specific users that you absolutely want to reach. We’ll try 4 times until they follow you back.

Auto Unfollow Users

To find a balance between followers and following, we’ll automatically unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back after a couple of days.

Manage every aspect of the bot, through your Control Panel


As pictured, an automatic reporting dashboard that shows your followers progress.


Keywords, Competitors, Specific User Handles,… you can easily add, remove, change these every day.

Don’t unfollow

Make a list of users you never want to unfollow, even if they don’t follow you back.

Energy & on/off

You can opt in or out of specific following actions (i.e. competitors) and you can set the intensity of the actions (between 0 and 200 per day).

5 Twitter Accounts

TwitterBot Vanilla can handle up to 5 different Twitter accounts.


You can contact us through the control panel itself and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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